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About Maroush V

If all of Lebanon eats and parties the way they do at Maroush, then we’re on the next plane out. Part of the continually-growing Maroush empire founded by Abouzki Marouf, this Maroush is a bright, fun, very smart place to eat, schmooze and be entertained. The space is divided into the upper mezzanine - or should that be mezze-nine - that looks onto the larger dining room below. The looong menu includes the Lebanese top ten and then some. We like to start with araks all around, munch on the huge platter of complimentary veggies, then choose a million starters and share them - hoummous both shawarama and awarma, falafel, moutabal, tabouleh, fattoush and kibbeh nayeh for the raw lamb devotees. If you still have room for main courses, try one of the simply-roasted lamb dishes with rice or explore the fish. For pudding have the mouhallabia, milk-based concoction. Then sit back and enjoy the live music and spectacular belly dancer, if you’re downstairs. The atmosphere is great-spirited and you’ll leave ready to book again.

Full a la carte


Cold mezze
Hummus(crushed chickpeas mixed with sesame seed oil and lemon juice) - £4
Hummus belruty (crushed chickpeas mixed with hot pepper, parsley, sesame oil, lemon juice and olive oil dressing) - £4.25
Moutabal (finely chopped grilled eggplant mixed with sesame oil and lemon juice) - £4.25
Tabouleh (choppped parsley, tomato, fresh mint, onion and crushed wheat mxed with olive oil and lemon juice) - £4.25
Mohamera (mixed Mediterranean spicy nuts with olive oil) - £4
Bastorma (thin slices of spicy cured dry fillet of beef) - £4.50
Bamia bil zeit (fried okra boiled with tomato, onion, fresh coriander and olive oil) - £4
Samakeh harra (baked fish mixed with spicy ratatouille made of tomato, hot green and red pepper and coriander) - £5.50

Hot mezze
Falafel (a mix of soaked chickpeas, beans, onions, garlic and fine spices served fried) - £4.50
Halloumi cheese (grilled halloumi cheese) - £4.50
Foul moudammas (whole bolied broad beans with garlic, lemon and olive oil) - £4.10
Soujouk (Lebanese spicy sausage) - £4.50
Hummus shawarma (Hummus topped with thin slices of marinated lamb) - £4.50
Chicken liver (marinated chicken liver sauteed with lemon and butter) - £4.50
Batata harra (spicy sauteed potatoes with garlic and coriander served with fried vegetables) - £4.50

Main Course

King prawns grilled or sauteed with the Chef’s special spicy sauce - £16
Sayadieh (fresh flaked fillets of fish cooked with deep fried onions on a bed of brown rice with tahina sauce) - £12
Kafta meshwi (grilled skewers of ground lamb mixed with onion and parsley) - £11
Shish taouk (grilled skewers of chicken cubes served with or without garlic sauce) - £11
Mixed grill (skewers of lamb cubes, chicken cubes and minced lamb) - £12
Roasted lamb (marinated lamb cooked in special herbs and spices and served with rice) - £11
Vegi main course (aubergines, okra or green bean stew served with vermicelli rice) - £11
Veal cutlets (fresh veal cutlets grilled and served with a special spicy sauce) - £11
Koussa warak inab and stuffed aubergines (vine leaves, courgette and aubergine stuffed with rice, minced meat, parsley and lemon juice) - £11


A dessert menu is available on request

Additional Information


4 Vere Street, W1G 0DH

Nearest tube:

Bond Street

Average Price:

£35 - £44

Opening times:

Mon-Wed+Sun 12.00pm-12.00am
Thu-Sat 12.00pm-5.00am

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