Bunhill Fields

Finsbury (EC1) Bonhil was erected in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, on a deposit made of "more than 1,000 cartloads of bones removed from the charnel of old St. Paul's," which, it is believed, gave rise to the name of Bonehil, or Bunhill Fields. (Reference: Timbs's Curiosities of London, p. 75) Amongst eminent persons who lie buried here are: John Bunyan; Dr. Watts; Daniel Defoe and his second wife; Goodwin, Oliver Cromwell's physician; Oliver Cromwell's son-in-law, Lord Deputy Fleetwood, who married Ireton's widow; Susannah Wesley, mother of John and Charles Wesley; Blake, the painter and poet; Thomas Stothard, author of the Canterbury Pilgrimage,. Thomas Hardy, who, in company with John Home Tooke, was tried for treason. Milton lived in Bunhill Row when in reduced circumstances.