Soho Square

Soho Street (W1) "So-ho!" or "So-how! "-an old hunting or coursing cry in use to this day in some counties when the hare leaves its "form "is said to be the origin of the name of this district. The square was not so called from "the word of the day at Sedgemoor" (as Pennant has it) , but, on the contrary, "the word" was derived from the neighbourhood in which the Duke of Monmouth lived, as although the battle of Sedgemoor was fought in 1685, the field on which Soho Square stands was known as "Soho" or "So-how" fifty years before. Was at one time called King's Square. The Duke of Monmouth lived here. Also, in the reign of Queen Anne, here lived Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury, and in 1824, Charles Kemble, the actor. (Reference: Jesse's London, vol. I, p. 326)