Southampton Street

379, Strand (WC2) So called in compliment to Lady Rachel Russell, daughter of Thomas Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton, and wife of William, Lord Russell. Here was a celebrated eating-house known as the "Bedford Head," which is several times mentioned by Pope and Walpole. Pope, in his "Sober Advice," expresses himself in terms which would seem to imply that the house was well known for its good fare:

"When sharp with hunger, scorn you to be fed, Except on pea-chicks at the 'Bedford Head'?"

David Garrick resided at No. 27 in this street before his removal to the Adelphi; Mrs. Oldfield, the actress, also lived here. (Reference: Thornbury's Old and New London, vol. III, p. 119) Congreve lived in this street; and in 1795, Thomas Linley, the musician, father of the beautiful Miss Linley, wife of Sheridan, died here. (Reference: Jesse's London, vol. I, p. 359)