St. Jamess Square

Westminster (SW1) Dates from the days of Charles II. It was commenced about the year 1676. Here lived William Bentinck, Earl of Portland, the Dutch favourite of William III. The Dukes of Northumberland and Ormond, the Earls of Pembroke, Sunderland, and Kent, the Duke of Norfolk, and Lord Torrington have all resided here. (Reference: Jesse's London, vol. I, p. 79) Is built on the site of St. James's Fields. It was from the balcony in front of one of the mansions on the west side of the square that, on the night of Tuesday, June 20, 1815, George IV, then Prince Regent, announced to the populace the news of the battle of Waterloo, and displayed the eagles and trophies which had just arrived. (Reference: Smith's Streets of London, p. 44)