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  A Rocking Good Christmas 2008
Christmas Menu food
Sharer parties and exclusive parties are available at this venue.This traditional festive event begins with Christmas carols during reception where Bucks... more»

  A Tribute to Abba
Christmas menu food
Sharer parties and exclusive parties are available at this venue.It's time to get out your flares and platforms as we... more»

  A Victorian Christmas @ The Royal Courts of Justice 2008
Christmas Menu food
Exclusive parties are available at this venueThe Vampire Prince Dracula began a reign of seduction and terror in Victorian London... more»

  Cafe Pasta - High Holborn
Italian / Mediterranean food
If you love your carbs half as much as we do, you will adore the menu at Café Pasta in... more»

  Dim Sum Making @ Shanghai Blues
Chinese food
Due to popular demand, Shanghai Blues is proud to offer you the opportunity to learn the art of creating delicious... more»

Brazilian food
The true heart of Brazil is beating to an irresistible rhythm in central London and you will be dancing to... more»

  Hason Raja
Indian food
It’s not everyday a restaurant is named after a 19th century Bangladeshi poet come playboy, but there’s more than a... more»

  Matsuri High Holborn
Japanese food
Matsuri High Holborn brings the skill and prestige of Matsuri St. James’s, one of London’s oldest and most respected Japanese... more»

  My Old Dutch - Holborn
Dutch / Pancakes food
One of the most renowned pancake restaurants in the capital, you shan't experience a better or more authentic Pannekoek (that's... more»

English / Italian food
That Paglicacci is an independently-owned is far from lost on its unique character. This sleek glass-fronted bar and kitchen has... more»

  Pearl Restaurant & Bar
Modern French food
Gourmets have followed chef Jun Tanaka’s progress through some of the capital’s finest kitchens and are thrilled that he now... more»

  Shanghai Blues
Chinese/Oriental food
Spacious and understated elegance are the hallmarks of Shanghai Blues, in a former library within a grade II listed building.... more»

Indian food
Sitaaray combines India's two greatest exports - cinema and food - and presents them in a fabulously fun setting that's... more»

  Spaghetti House Sicilian Avenue
Italian food
It took the warmth and passion of the folks behind Spaghetti House to convince postwar London to give Italian cooking... more»

  The Bountiful Cow
Public house devoted to beef food
The Bountiful Cow in London's Holborn area is one generous beast. Formerly a regular sort of pub, it has been... more»

  The Old Crown
Modern British food
The Old Crown is so now. A genuine one-off, designed and lived in by the innovative team who own and... more»