The King's Orb

The King's Orb, made by Sir Robert Vyner for Charles II, is remarkable for the fine amethyst, cut in facets, on which the cross patée stands. The golden ball is six inches in diameter, and has a fillet of gold round the centre, outlined by fine pearls and ornamented with clusters of gems, set in borders of white and red enamel. The centre stones of these clusters are large rubies, sapphires, and emeralds alternately, each surrounded by diamonds.

An arch crosses the upper part of the orb, and the beautiful cross above the large amethyst has in the centre on one side an emerald, and on the other a sapphire.

The outlines of the cross are marked by rows of diamonds, and there are three large diamonds down the centre of each arm. The jewels in the centre of each side are also encircled by diamonds, and between the lower foot of the cross and the amethyst is a collar of small diamonds.

At the end of each of the upper arms of the cross is a large pearl, and in each of the four inner corners is also a large pearl.

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