Theodore Hook

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Among Lord Canterbury's many friends was the wonderful wit and amazing improvisatore, Theodore Hook, they having first met at General Phipps' (a relation of Hook's mother). Indeed, they became so intimate that "H. B." makes them the subject of one of his sketches strolling down St. James's Street arm in arm.

It was, too, at Lord Canterbury's house in Berkeley Square that Hook, having lunched at the Freemasons' Tavern and discussed any number of glasses of punch at "The Club" afterwards, was observed to eat very little, and on being asked if he was unwell made his memorable reply

"Oh no, not exactly, but my stomach won't bear trifling with, and I was foolish enough to take a biscuit and a glass of sherry by way of luncheon!"

It was at Lord Canterbury's that Rogers met Hook for the last time, and at the end of the reception saw him marching about the hall, and to the amazement of the servants singing, "Shepherds tell me, have you seen my hat?"

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