Other Notable Residents of Berkeley Square

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If Boyle's Court Guide for 1795 is taken as a fairly representative list of those who previously lived in the Square, it shows that, besides those already mentioned:

  • Lord John Cavendish was at No. 2
  • Lady Theodosia and Capt. Bligh at No. 3
  • the Earl of Camden at No. 6
  • the Earl of Darnley at No. 7
  • the Earl of Claremont at No. 9

  • Lord Robert Spencer at No. 10
  • Lord St. Asaph at No. 11
  • the Hon. Edward Bouverie at No. 24
  • Lord Sondes at No. 34
  • Sir Robert Cotton at No. 36
  • the Dowager Duchess of Manchester at No. 37
  • Mrs. Vivre at No. 44

Also, later on, the well known soldier Sir Hugh Rose, afterwards Lord Strathnairn, occupied No. 52. Later still, Montrose Cloete, Esq. also lived in this house for some years.

Although Berkeley Square is essentially a square of private houses, there are a few exceptions: the celebrated Gunters still occupies No. 7, while Thomas's Hotel occupied No. 25 until the late 19th century.

And according to Andrews, Hutchinson, a linen draper whose name (along with others) is found attached to a trade hand bill dated 1788, formerly occupied No. 1.

In 1805 it is known that the north side was occupied by small tradesmen's shops.

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