The Cannon Room

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At the north end are iron guns of the early 16th century, including some interesting pieces dredged in 1840 from the wreck of the Mary Rose, sunk in action with the French in 1545.

Near these are bronze guns made for Henry VIII, and in the bays between the piers are placed in chronological order English and foreign guns which were formerly exhibited in the Gun Park on the west side of the White Tower. They were removed to their present position in 1916, as it was found that the weather was seriously affecting the inscriptions and decorations upon them. Each bay is labelled with the nationality of the guns shown therein, and each gun bears a brass plate giving its date and history.

The Well on the east side dates from the 12th century and is 40 feet deep. When cleaned out in 1910 the wooden frame on which its stones were built was found in place at the bottom.

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