River Front

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The following guns may be seen on the River Front:-

  • Two guns made by John Fuller for Ireland in 1747 in Ireland.
  • One iron gun, of the reign of Queen Anne, formerly used as a lamp post.
  • A gun from HMS Edgar, accidentally wrecked in 1711.
  • An iron ship's gun from the Royal George.
  • Two ship's guns captured in the engagement off Ushant, 1st June, 1794.
  • French, Spanish and other foreign guns of which there are duplicates in the Cannon Room.
  • Mortars from the Ionian Isles.
  • Russian guns from the Crimea.
  • A number of Oriental guns, mostly captured in India in 1803, 1826, 1838, 1842 and 1843. The most interesting of these are the large bronze Turkish gun captured at Aden in 1839, which was made for Soliman the Magnificent in 1530, and also a bronze mortar in the form of a tiger, captured in 1838.

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