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The King's House

Until about 1880 this was called The Lieutenant's Lodgings. The doorway is that through which Lord Nithsdale in 1716 escaped in female dress the evening before he was to have been beheaded. The house was built about 1530 and its old timbers have recently been restored to view by the removal of a modern coat of plaster.

On the west side is the rampart known as Princess Elizabeth's Walk and in the south wing is the Council Chamber containing a contemporary memorial tablet of the Gunpowder Plot.

In the north wing is the small room where ANNE BOLEYN spent the last days of her life.

The interior of the King's House is not shown to the public. Next to it is the house of the Yeoman Gaoler. It was in this house that Lady Jane Grey lived when a prisoner, and from its windows saw her husband go forth from the adjoining Beauchamp Tower to his execution on Tower Hill and his headless body brought to the Chapel "in a carre," while on the green in front, the scaffold was being prepared for her own execution which took place on the same day, Monday, 12th February, 1554.

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