With evidence of Roman settlements and even Iron-Age dwellings, the borough of Greenwich has clearly had a long and checkered history.

Over the centuries the borough has seen it's history shaped by Royalty, invasion and the Industrial Revolution, which perhaps explains it's strong ties to both the army and navy.

Greenwich is probably most famous for it's Observatory and it's status as the 'birthplace of time clocks worldwide are set to Greenwich Mean Time.

In 1965 Greenwich as we know it now was formed, when the former boroughs of Greenwich and Woolwich were joined together.It is one of the east London districts that hopes to play host to events at the 2012 Olympics should the bid go to London, hoping to use the now infamous Millenium Dome as one of the venues.

Home of Premiership club Charlton Athletic, Greenwich is home to over 220,000 inhabitants.

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