When the London boroughs of Morden, Wimbledon and Merton were merged in 1965, what we now call Merton was created. Home of AFC Wimbledon, known as 'the real Wimbledon' after the acrimonious relocation of the club's franchise to Milton Keynes, the area gets it's name from the village of Merton at it's heart.

Historically, the borough has been home to many different inhabitants, from Celtic settlements to Iron-Age hill forts, the remains of which can still be seen on Wimbledon Common. The Doomsday Book, produced for William the Conqueror 20 years after his army's invasion of Britain, describes Merton as the area's largest town.

As well as playing host to the Wimbledon tennis championships every year at The All-England Lawn Tennis Club, Merton is also famous for being the one-time residence of Lord Horatio Nelson and as the inspiration for the stage-name of comedian Paul Merton.

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