The borough of Sutton is on the edge of south-west London and is bisected by the river Waddle, the borough was formed via the merger between the ex-Surrey boroughs of Carshalton, Beddington and Sutton & Cheam in 1965.

Sutton is thought to have been inhabited since the Stone Age but did not really start to thrive until the 1750's when the London to Brighton road was completed.

In the more recent past Sutton was the birthplace of one of Britain's earliest nursery schools, founded in the 1800's by one T.B. Walls, who, aside from this, is most famous for being the name behind the country's best-known sausages!

Between the World Wars, Sutton saw the birth of modern-day civil aviation at the former Croydon Airport, which closed in 1957.

Sutton has a population of over 180,000.

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