The borough of Haringey is in north London and was formed by the joining of Tottenham, Wood Green and Hornsey, three former Middlesex districts, in 1965. Twinned with the German town of Koblenz, Haringey displays a long history of settlement by foreign 'visitors': along the verges of the River Lee traces of prehistoric man have been found, also there is evidence of both Roman and Anglo-Saxon dwellings in the area. In more recent times, aristocrats in the last century were regular visitors to the area, giving their names to some of the local streets, Barons Coleraine for example.

Haringey is described as a deprived area with high unemployment, currently at 7.3 per cent, with a highly diverse population: half of all pupils of school age say that English is their second language. The future, however, looks bright for Haringey, as large amounts of European and Government money are ear-marked for local regeneration projects.

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