The London Borough of Islington is one of the Inner London boroughs.

In the nineteenth century, Islington was regarded as a fashionable area among the gentry. Throughout the first half of the twentieth century the area became more run down and the area lost its prestige.

From the 1980s onward however, Islington once again became desirable as developers raised the profile of the area and a number of New Labour politicians including Tony Blair moved in. The borough now has a very diverse community, with large expanses of council housing coupled with highly sought after multi million pound properties

Finsbury, Kings Cross, The Angel and Highbury are all well known parts of Islington. The Angel is very popular at night with a wide choice of restaurants and pubs, some with live music.

Clerkenwell's Sadlers Wells theatre is a major attraction, best known for its ballet, but contemporary dance and opera are also part of the repertoire. It is now the sixth theatre on the site; once it was famed for its spas and tea rooms.

Islington is also home to world famous football club Arsenal.

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