The London borough of Harrow is a borough located in the outskirts of northwest London bordering with Hertfordshire and has a population of around 205,000. Because of its distance from the hustle and bustle of central London, Harrow is predominantly residential with less densely built up surroundings, several parks and greenbelt areas. The borough is a popular commuter area and enjoys excellent transport links to the city.

Harrow is also the name of a locality within the borough and is home to the famous public school of the same name. The school was founded in 1572 under the Royal Charter granted by Elizabeth I to John Lyon, a local yeoman. Today Harrow School has around 800 pupils, all of whom are full-time boarders.

The borough of Harrow has a diverse business community with a wide range of industries. Major employers include Kodak, Ladbrokes and First National Bank.

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