Origins of London Street Names - Places beginning with A

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  • Abchurch Lane

    Abchurch Lane in the City runs between Lombard Street and Cannon Street (EC4). According... more »
  • Abingdon Street

    Abingdon Street is in Westminster and runs along Old Palace Yard (SW1). Some say the... more »
  • Adam Street

    Strand, No. 73 (WC2) Named after the brothers Adam, who built it. Becket, the bookseller,... more »
  • Adam and Eve Court

    140 Oxford Street (W1) Named from the arms of the Fruiterers' Company.... more »
  • Addison Road

    Addison Road in Kensington (W14) was named after Joseph Addison, who lived at Holland House... more »
  • Addle Street

    City, 43, Wood Street (EC2) Said to take its name from King Adlestan the Saxon.... more »
  • Adelaide Street

    449, Strand (WC2) Both are said to have been named from the Queen of William... more »
  • Adelphi Vaults

    Strand (WC2) Named from the Adelphi. Built as foundations to bring the Adelphi level with... more »
  • Adelphi Hotel

    (WC2) 1 to 4, John Street, Adelphi (formerly Osborn's) . Crabbe, the poet, and his... more »
  • Air Street

    Air Street runs off Piccadilly (W1). Origin of the name unknown, but as it appears... more »
  • Albany

    Piccadilly (W1) This most comfortable and well-regulated set of chambers, now known as The Albany,... more »
  • Albany Street

    Regent's Park (NW1) Probably named after the Scottish dukedom of Albany.... more »
  • Albemarle Street

    62, Piccadilly (W1) Named from Christopher, second Duke of Albemarle. Here lived, at one time,... more »
  • Aldermanbury

    City (EC2) Is supposed to have received its name as being near the "bury" or... more »
  • Aldermanbury Postern

    City (EC2) Is a continuation northward of Aldermanbury, extending from London Wall to Fore Street.... more »
  • Aldersgate Street

    City (EC1) "Aeldresgate, or Aldersgate, so called not of Aldrich or of Elders, that is... more »
  • Aldford Street

    Park Lane (W1) (Circa 1734) Was named Chapel Street (from Grosvenor Chapel) until 1886. Part... more »
  • Aldgate

    City. Leadenhall Street (E1) Derives its name from one of the principal gates of the... more »
  • Amen Corner

    City, 36, Paternoster Row (EC4) Derives its name from its contiguity to the old Cathedral... more »
  • Ampthill Square

    138, Hampstead Road (NW1) Said to be named after Ampthill Park, a Bedfordshire seat of... more »
  • Appletree Yard

    Westminster, St. James's Square (SW1) Formerly part of St. James's Fields, which were famous for... more »
  • Argyll Street

    Regent Street (W1) Here lived George, Lord Lyttelton, author of the History of Henry the... more »
  • Arlington Road

    Camden Town, 36, Mornington Crescent (NW1) In this road is said to have died Charles... more »
  • Arlington Street

    157, Piccadilly (SW1) Derives its name from Henry Bennett, Earl of Arlington, a member of... more »
  • Arundel Street

    187, Strand (WC2) Said to have derived its name from the Earls of Arundel. Formerly... more »
  • Arundell Street

    12, Coventry Street (W1) Also named from the Earls of Arundel.... more »
  • Ashburnham Road

    Chelsea (SW10) Named after Ashburnham House, which was built in 1747 by Dr. Benjamin Hoadley,... more »
  • Audley Square

    South Audley Street (W1) Spencer Perceval, Prime Minister 1809-12, was born here in 1762. He... more »
  • Austin Friars

    City, 70, Old Broad Street (EC2) Here formerly stood a Priory of Mendicant, or Begging,... more »
  • Ave Maria Lane

    City, 16, Ludgate Hill (EC4) Noted, like Paternoster Row, for its booksellers, and, like it,... more »
  • Aylesbury Street

    Finsbury (EC1) Covers the site of the mansion and gardens of Aylesbury House, which in... more »