Origins of London Street Names - Places beginning with V

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  • Vale Of Health

    Hampstead Heath (NW3) This curious little cluster of buildings, situated in a basin near to... more »
  • Vauxhall

    (SE11) Originally called Fulke's Hall, is supposed to have derived its name from Fulke, or... more »
  • Vere Street

    Oxford Street (W1) So called after the De Veres, who for many centuries previous to... more »
  • Vigo Street

    Regent Street (W1) Originally Vigo Lane, which was so named in honour of the naval... more »
  • Villiers Street

    Strand (WC2) Stands on the site of Old Hungerford Market, and is named from the... more »
  • Vine Street

    Westminster, 5, Swallow Street (W1) Denotes the site of a vineyard, probably that of the... more »