Origins of London Street Names - Places beginning with D

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  • Dacre Street

    Westminster (SW1) Name derived from a Lord Dacre, who owned property here. (Reference: Jesse's London,... more »
  • Danvers Street

    Chelsea (SW3) Stands on the site of a house and garden once belonging to Sir... more »
  • Dartmouth Street

    Westminster (SW1) So called out of compliment to William Legge, Earl of Dartmouth (the annotator... more »
  • Davies Street

    30, Berkeley Square (W1) Takes its name either from Miss Mary Davies, who is said... more »
  • Dean Street

    Soho. 89, Oxford Street (W1) Named in compliment to Bishop Compton, Dean of St. Paul's.... more »
  • Deans Yard

    4, The Sanctuary, Westminster (SW1) In Dean's Yard Mrs. Barbara Charlotte Lenox, daughter of General... more »
  • Denmark Place

    138, Charing Cross Road (WC2) This was once Dudley Court, and the house here with... more »
  • Desborough Street

    Harrow Road (W2) Named from Desborough, the residence of John Desborough (or Desbrowe) , Oliver... more »
  • Devereux Court

    213, Strand (WC2) Derives its name from the mansion of the ill-fated Thomas Devereux, Earl... more »
  • Devonshire Court

    Bishopsgate (EC2) Derives its name from having been the site of the London residence of... more »
  • Devonshire Square

    Bishopsgate (EC2) Named from the Earls of Devonshire having lived here in a mansion previously... more »
  • Devonshire Street

    Bishopsgate (EC2) This occupies what was originally a single house, with pleasure-gardens, bowling-greens, etc., formed... more »
  • Devonshire Terrace

    Marylebone (W1) Named after the Dukes of Devonshire. Here Charles Dickens once resided.... more »
  • Dorrington Street

    Holborn (EC1) Here resided Carey, the composer of "Sally in our Alley." (Reference: Jesse's London,... more »
  • Dorset Court

    Salisbury Square, Fleet Street (EC4) Here the great philosopher John Locke resided in 1689, and... more »
  • Doughty Street

    Holborn (WC1) Here Charles Dickens lived in the earlier days of his popularity, when as... more »
  • Dover Street

    68 Piccadilly (W1) Derives its name from having been built on the property of Henry... more »
  • Dowgate

    City (EC4) An ancient wharf, or port of the Saxons. (Reference: Jesse's London, vol. II,... more »
  • Down Street

    Piccadilly (W1) On the site of this street stood Mr. Deane's school, where Pope was... more »
  • Downing Street

    Whitehall (SW1) Derives its name from Sir George Downing, Secretary to the Treasury in the... more »
  • Drury Lane

    Aldwych (WC2) Originally Via de Aldwych, indicating a small dependency of Saxon London, Drury Lane... more »
  • Duke Street

    City, Aldgate (EC3) Originally Duke's Place; much inhabited by Jews, whom Oliver Cromwell allowed to... more »
  • Durham House Street

    64, Strand (WC2) Takes its name from the ancient pile called Durham House, or Palace,... more »