Origins of London Street Names - Places beginning with T

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  • Tavistock Place

    St. Pancras (WC1) Here, at No. 32, lived Francis Douce, the illustrator of Shakespeare, and... more »
  • Tavistock Square

    Woburn Place (WC1) Named from the ground-landlord, the Duke of Bedford and Marquis of Tavistock.... more »
  • Tavistock Street

    Covent Garden (WC2) Name derived from Marquisate of Tavistock. (Reference: Jesse's London, vol. I, p.... more »
  • Telegraph Street

    City, 12, Moorgate Street (EC2) Originally called Great Bell Yard. At No. 14, Bloomfield, the... more »
  • Temple Bar

    City (EC4) Originally a wooden gate-house across the road, to divide the City from Westminster.... more »
  • Three Cranes Lane

    City, Upper Thames Street (EC4) "So called, not only of a sign of Three Cranes... more »
  • Throgmorton Street

    City, Lothbury (EC2) Not improbably derives its designation from the family name of the accomplished... more »
  • Tilney Street

    Park Lane (W1) No. 6, overlooking Hyde Park, was for long the residence of Mrs.... more »
  • Tite Street

    Chelsea (SW3) Named after Sir W. Tite, M.P. The houses are modern, built in the... more »
  • Tokenhouse Yard

    City, Lothbury (EC2) Is named from the Mint-house, or office for the issue and change... more »
  • Tooks Court

    Cursitor Street (WC2) "Cook's Court" of Bleak House, where Mr. Snagsby lived, once a place... more »
  • Tooley Street

    Bermondsey (SE1) On the site of this street stood the inn or mansion of the... more »
  • Tothill Street

    Westminster (SW1) Built on the site of Tothill Fields, where, in the year 1793, there... more »
  • Tottenham Court Road

    (W1) So called from the prebendal manor of Toten-Hall at its north-west extremity, which was... more »
  • Tower Bridge

    This famous bridge was built by Sir John Wolfe Barry, a son of Sir Charles... more »
  • Tower Hill

    City (EC3) Stow says: "Tower Hill, sometime a large plot of ground, now greatly straightened... more »
  • Tower Of London

    City (EC3) Said to be the oldest fortress prison in Europe, much of what we... more »
  • Trafalgar Square

    Charing Cross (WC2) Built 1839-52, is named from the last victory of Nelson, to whom... more »
  • Trevor Square

    Knightsbridge (SW7) So named from Sir John Trevor, who had a house on its site.... more »
  • Trump Street

    City (EC2) The persons who followed the trade of trumpet-makers mostly lived, in all probability,... more »
  • Turnagain Lane

    City, Farringdon Street (EC4) The name suggests Tindale's words in 1531, "a turnagaine lane which... more »
  • Turnmill Street

    Clerkenwell (EC1) Is of great antiquity, and of peculiar interest, from its disreputable associations, it... more »