Origins of London Street Names - Places beginning with C

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  • Cadogan Place

    162, Sloane Street (SW1) So called after Charles Cadogan, second Baron Cadogan of Oakley. Mrs.... more »
  • Cadogan Square

    Chelsea (SW1) Named from the Earls of Cadogan. This square is very modern, and stands... more »
  • Cadogan Street

    Chelsea (SW3) This street contains St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church. Two oil-paintings on the pillars... more »
  • Cale Street

    Chelsea (SW3) Named after one Judith Cale, a benefactor to the parish. (Chelsea, G. E.... more »
  • Camberwell Grove

    Camberwell (SE5) Joseph Chamberlain was born here. In an ancient thatched house William Black, the... more »
  • Campden Hill

    Kensington (W8) John Leech lived at 6, The Terrace, and the Rev. H. F. Cary... more »
  • Camomile Street

    City, 104, Bishopsgate (EC3) There is no indication as to the origin of the name.... more »
  • Cannon Row

    Westminster (SW1) According to Stow, it derives its name from the Canons of St. Stephen's... more »
  • Cannon Street

    City (EC4) A corruption of Canwick, or Candlewick Street, which took its name from being... more »
  • Canonbury

    (N1) Named from Canons'-bury (bury being synonymous with burgh, a dwelling) , the country house... more »
  • Carey Street

    Lincoln's Inn (WC2) Named after Nicholas Carey (temp. Charles I) . Blackstone was living in... more »
  • Carlisle Street

    Soho Square (W1) Here was built, temp. James II, Carlisle House, formerly the mansion of... more »
  • Carlos Place

    Grosvenor Square (W1) Formerly Charles Street, renamed in 1892. William Whitehead, the Poet Laureate, died... more »
  • Carlton House Terrace

    St. James's Park (SW1) Stands on the site of a royal residence, Carlton House, which... more »
  • Castle Street

    Oxford Street (W1) Here, at No. 6, Dr. Johnson lived in the days of his... more »
  • Catherine Street

    346, Strand (WC2) Name derived from Catherine, consort of Charles II. Here lived John Denley,... more »
  • Cavendish Square

    Holles Street, Oxford Street (W1) Derived its name from Henrietta Cavendish, daughter and heiress of... more »
  • Chalk Farm

    St. Pancras (NW1) Name corrupted from the old village of Chalcot, where once was a... more »
  • Chancery Lane

    102, Fleet Street (WC2) The name is a corruption of Chancellor's Lane, which was built... more »
  • Change Alley

    City, Cornhill (EC3) At No. 3 stood the famous Garraway's Coffee-house, where tea was first... more »
  • Charing Cross

    Strand (SW1) Derived from charrynge, a "turning" or "bend." In the reign of Queen Elizabeth... more »
  • Charles Street

    Holborn (EC1) In this street is the " Bleeding Heart public-house, which derives its name... more »
  • Charlotte Street

    Fitzroy Square (W1) In this street lived John George Morland and Richard Wilson, the famous... more »
  • Charterhouse Square

    Finsbury (EC1) The site of this square was in part a lonely field, bearing the... more »
  • Cheapside

    City (EC2) Name derived from chepe, "a market," formerly called Westcheap. From the Poultry to... more »
  • Chesterfield Street

    (16, Curzon Street. W1) This street took its name from Chesterfield House, built in the... more »
  • Cheyne Row

    Chelsea (SW3) Said to be named from a Lord of the Manor of Chelsea, Viscount... more »
  • Cheyne Walk

    Chelsea (SW3) Faces a garden in which there is a statue of Carlyle in bronze.... more »
  • Church Lane

    Chelsea (SW3) Dean Swift once lodged here; and his friend Atterbury, who first had a... more »
  • Church Street

    Soho (W1) "Think of the diabolical Marat living quietly and writing scientific treatises in this... more »
  • City Road

    (EC1) This road, described as "the finest about London, with a footpath on each side... more »
  • Clare Market

    Westminster (WC2) Named after the Earls of Clare, who lived in the neighbourhood. (Reference: Jesse's... more »
  • Clarges Street

    84, Piccadilly (W1) Named from being the site of Clarges House, the residence of Sir... more »
  • Clements Inn

    263, Strand (WC2) An Inn of Chancery belonging to the Inner Temple, said to stand... more »
  • Clerken Well

    Finsbury (EC1) Named from a well around which the parish clerks were wont to assemble... more »
  • Cleveland Row and Square

    (SW1) Named after the Duchess of Cleveland, one of the many favourites of King Charles... more »
  • Clifford Street

    16, New Bond Street (W1) Named after Elizabeth Clifford, daughter of the last Earl of... more »
  • Cliffords Inn

    187, Fleet Street (EC4) Named from the ancient family of Clifford, its former possessors, It... more »
  • Clipstone Street

    Fitzroy Square (W1) Named after a village in Nottinghamshire. CLOTH FAIR. West Smithfield (EC1) The... more »
  • Cockspur Street

    Charing Cross (SW1) In this street, where the road branches off into Pall Mall East,... more »
  • Cold Harbour

    Poplar (E14) Here, in the reign of Edward III, stood Poultney Inn, the magnificent mansion... more »
  • Coleman Street

    City, Gresham Street (EC2) Is said to derive its name Coleman, either the owner or... more »
  • College Hill

    City, Thames Street (EC4) So called from a college dedicated to St. Spirit and St.... more »
  • Compton Street

    Clerkenwell (EC1) Built on the site of what was formerly the London residence of the... more »
  • Conduit Street

    201, Regent Street (W1) So called from the city conduit which carried water from the... more »
  • Cork Street

    Old Bond Street (W1) Named from the Earls of Burlington and Cork. Here died Dr.... more »
  • Cornhill

    City (EC3) Stow says: "It [Cornhill] was named of a cornmarket time out of mind... more »
  • Covent Garden

    Strand (WC2) Or "Convent Garden," derives its name from occupying the site of what was... more »
  • Coventry Street

    1, Wardour Street (W1) So named from Coventry House, the residence of Henry Coventry, Secretary... more »
  • Cowley Street

    Westminster (SW1) Named from Cowley in Middlesex, where Booth, the actor, resided. (Reference: Timbs's Curiosities... more »
  • Cranbourn Alley

    Leicester Square (WC2) Here Hogarth, the painter, was apprenticed to a goldsmith for the purpose... more »
  • Crane Court

    City, 174, Fleet Street (EC4) This has long been a sort of nursery for newspapers.... more »
  • Craven Street

    Strand (WC2) No. 7 in this street is celebrated for having once been the residence... more »
  • Creed Lane

    City, 9, Ludgate Hill (EC4) Takes its name from its proximity to St. Paul's Cathedral.... more »
  • Cripplegate

    City (EC1) Cripplegate dates from 1010, in which year the body of King Edmund the... more »
  • Cromwell Road

    South Kensington (SW5) Said to be named from the house of Richard Cromwell, son of... more »
  • Crosby Square

    City, 34, Bishopsgate (EC3) Takes its name from Crosby Place, which was built in the... more »
  • Cross Street

    Holborn (EC1) In this street there is an old charity school, with stuccoed figures of... more »
  • Crown Court

    Westminster (SW1) So named from Rose and Crown Court, where for many years a tavern... more »
  • Crown Office Row

    Temple (EC4) Here was Lamb's birthplace, and here Thackeray had chambers (Salaman's London Past and... more »
  • Crutched Friars

    City, Mark Lane (EC3) Derives its name from being on the site of the ancient... more »
  • Cullum Street

    City. 135, Fenchurch Street (EC3) So called from a knight of that name, who was... more »
  • Cursitor Street

    38, Chancery Lane (EC2) Lord Eldon, in the early part of his career, lived here.... more »
  • Curtain Road

    Shoreditch. EC2) Formerly called Holywell Street. In this street (the site of the Curtain Theatre,... more »
  • Curzon Street

    Mayfair (W1) Derives its name from the Curzons, Earls Howe, whose property it was built... more »