Origins of London Street Names - Places beginning with J

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  • Jamaica Road

    Bermondsey (SE16) Named from a once-popular place of resort called "The Jamaica," famous for its... more »
  • James Street

    Covent Garden (WC2) Name derived from James, Duke of York. David Garrick lived here in... more »
  • Jermyn Street

    45, Haymarket (SW1) Named after the owner of this and neighbouring streets, Jermyn, Earl of... more »
  • Jerusalem Passage

    St. John's Square, Finsbury (EC1) It is probable that this avenue received its name from... more »
  • Jewin Street

    City, Cripplegate (EC1) So called from being for long a burying place of the Jews.... more »
  • Johnsons Court

    City, 166, Fleet Street (EC4) At No. 7 Samuel Johnson lived from 1765 to 1776.... more »
  • Johnson Street

    Somers Town. No. 13, where Dickens once lived, as indicated by a Dickens memorial tablet,... more »
  • John Street

    Adelphi (WC2) Built by the brothers Adam. At Osborne's Hotel in this street, in 1824,... more »
  • Jubilee Place

    Chelsea, King's Road (SW3) So named from the Jubilee of King George III. (Chelsea, G.... more »
  • Judges Walk

    Hampstead (NW) In 1665, when the Great Plague of London was raging, the Assizes are... more »