Origins of London Street Names - Places beginning with R

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  • Rathbone Place

    Oxford Street (W1) Derives its name from Captain Rathbone, who constructed buildings here previous to... more »
  • Ray Street

    117, Farringdon Road (EC1) This street is built partly on the site of the Bear-garden... more »
  • Redcross Street

    City, Cripplegate (EC1) Derives its name from a red cross which stood on the site.... more »
  • Red Lion Square

    High Holborn (WC1) So called from its having been built on the site of Red... more »
  • Regent Street

    Waterloo Place, Pall Mall (SW1) Derives its name from having been projected and built during... more »
  • Robert Street

    Adelphi (WC2) Named after Robert Adam, one of the famous brothers. Tom Hood resided here... more »
  • Rochester Row

    Westminster (SW1) Named from the Bishops of Rochester. (Reference: Timbs's Curiosities of London, p. 825)... more »
  • Roman Bath Street

    City, 75, Newgate Street (EC1) Formerly called Bagnio Court, derives its name from a once... more »
  • Rood Lane

    City, 23, Fenchurch Street (EC3) So called because of a rood (crucifix) there placed in... more »
  • Rose Alley

    Southwark, 56, Park Street (SE1) This stands on the site of the Rose Theatre, which... more »
  • Rose Street

    Covent Garden (WC2) Here Samuel Butler, the author of Hudibras, lived and died. (Reference: Jesse's... more »
  • Rotherhithe

    (SE16) When, in 1016 Canute the Dane sailed up the Thames, and found his further... more »
  • Rotten Row

    Hyde Park (W1) A corruption of "Route du Roi," made by George I as a... more »
  • Royal Exchange

    City (EC3) In Lombard Street, at the sign of the "Grasshopper," lived Sir Thomas Gresham,... more »
  • Royal Mint Street

    City, Minories (E1) Formerly called Rosemary Lane. Here died Richard, the public executioner who is... more »
  • Russell Square

    Holborn (WC2) Named after John Russell, first Earl of Bedford. Here, at No. 21, Sir... more »
  • Russell Street

    Covent Garden (WC2) Named from John Russell, Earl of Bedford. Here at one time lived... more »
  • Rutland Gate

    Knightsbridge (SW7) Derives its name from the Dukes of Rutland, whose mansion stood on this... more »