Origins of London Street Names - Places beginning with G

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  • Garlick Hill

    City (EC4) So called from its vicinity to a garlic market which was anciently held... more »
  • Gate Street

    Lincoln's Inn Fields (WC2) Was formerly Little Princes Street. The present name is derived from... more »
  • George Court

    Strand (WC2) Leads under No. 51, Strand, by a narrow passage and flight of steps... more »
  • George Street

    Hanover Square (W1) Lady Mary Wortley Montagu lived in this street for some time. Also,... more »
  • Gerrard Street

    Soho (W1) Takes its name from Gerrard, Earl of Macclesfield, a warm adherent to the... more »
  • Giltspur Street

    City, West Smithfield (EC1) Was anciently called Gilt Spurre or Knightrider's Street, because of the... more »
  • Glasshouse Street

    City (EC1) Named from a glass house which stood there, where Venice glasses were made,... more »
  • Golden Lane

    Barbican (EC1) Here stood the Fortune Theatre, one of the earliest places for theatrical entertainments... more »
  • Golden Square

    Westminster (W1) Originally Golding, derived its name from one Golding, by whom it was built.... more »
  • Goldsmith Street

    Drury Lane (WC2) At the north-east end of Drury Lane, and was formerly the Coal... more »
  • Goodmans Fields

    Stepney (E1) Derives its name from one Goodman, who had a farm here in the... more »
  • Gospel Oak

    Supposed to owe its quaint name of comparatively recent origin to the fact that portions... more »
  • Goswell Road and Street

    Finsbury (EC1) These thoroughfares take their name from an ancient spring called Godewell (i.e. Goodwell)... more »
  • Gough Square

    Fleet Street (EC4) Dr. Johnson lived here at No. 17, where he wrote part of... more »
  • Gower Street

    (WC1) Here Lord Eldon lived for thirteen years, and here also resided John Adolphus, the... more »
  • Gracechurch Street

    City (EC3) Or Grass Church, derives its name from the Grassmarket which anciently stood about... more »
  • Grafton Street

    Dover Street (W1) Named after. the Duke of Grafton, who, with Lord Grantham, bought the... more »
  • Grange Road and Walk

    Bermondsey (SE1) Built on the site of the shady retreats enjoyed by the old monks... more »
  • Grays Inn

    Holborn (WC1) So called as belonging to the Gray family, "appears to have been a... more »
  • Great George Street

    Westminster (SW1) Covers the ground at one time occupied by the stable yard of "The... more »
  • Great Stanhope Street

    Park Lane (W1) Built circa 1750 by the celebrated Lord Chesterfield, and named from his... more »
  • Great Suffolk Street

    Southwark (SE1) Named from Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, who lived here in Suffolk House.... more »
  • Great Titchfield Street

    182, Oxford Street (W1) Named from a title of the Dukes of Portland. Cuthbert Shaw,... more »
  • Great Turnstile

    Holborn (WC1) Named from the turning stile which, three centuries since, stood at the end... more »
  • Great Windmill Street

    Piccadilly (W1) So called from a windmill which formerly stood there. (Reference: Smith's Streets of... more »
  • Greek Street

    Soho (W1) Dates from the year 1680. Pennant considers that its name is a corruption... more »
  • Green Street

    Grosvenor Square (W1) In this street lived Sydney Smith, also the famous Lord Cochrane. No.... more »
  • Gresham Street

    City (EC2) Named from Sir Thomas Gresham. Formerly Cateaton Street, Catte, or Ketton Street; when... more »
  • Greville Street

    Hatton Garden (EC1) Derives its name from Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke, the accomplished poet and... more »
  • Grocers Hall Court

    City, 35, Poultry (EC2) Formerly Grocers' Alley. Strype speaks of Grocers' Alley as an ordinary... more »
  • Grosvenor Square

    (W1) Built on the property of Sir Richard Grosvenor, and named after him. In this... more »
  • Guildhall

    City (EC2) At the end of King Street in Guildhall Yard is the Guildhall of... more »
  • Guilford Street

    Russell Square (WC1) In this street is the Foundling Hospital, which was founded by Captain... more »
  • Gunnersbury

    Named after Gunylde, a niece of King Canute (Skirts of the Great City, Mrs. A.... more »
  • Gunpowder Alley

    City, Shoe Lane (EC4) Richard Lovelace, the poet, had his last lodging here, and died... more »
  • Gutter Lane

    City, 133, Cheapside (EC2) Name said to be derived from Gutheran, a Dane, who lived... more »