Origins of London Street Names - Places beginning with B

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  • Bankside

    Southwark (SE1) Richard Burbage's Globe Theatre, built about 1593, stood here, and here Shakespeare played... more »
  • Barbican

    City, 77, Aldersgate Street (EC1) Named from its proximity to a barbican, or watch-tower, attached... more »
  • Barnards Inn

    22, Holborn (EC1) Anciently Mackworth's, from having belonged to Dr. John Mackworth, Dean of Lincoln,... more »
  • Barrow Hill Road

    Marylebone (NW8) Said to mark the site of a battle between the Britons and Romans,... more »
  • Bartholomew Close

    City, Little Britain (EC1) In his early theatrical days Ben Jonson lived here, and here... more »
  • Barton Street

    Westminster, Great College Street (SW1) Named after and built by Barton Booth, the celebrated actor.... more »
  • Basinghall Street

    City, 93, Gresham Street (EC2) Here stood the mansion of Solomon Basing, Lord Mayor in... more »
  • Battersea

    (SW) Appertained from a very early period to the Abbey of Westminster, and is conjectured... more »
  • Battle Bridge Lane

    Bermondsey (SE1) Marks the place where the Romans defeated the Iceni, under Queen Boadicea, in... more »
  • Bayham Street

    Camden Town (NW1) Named from Bayham Abbey, a family seat of the Marquis of Camden.... more »
  • Beak Street

    156, Regent Street (W1) A short thoroughfare from Regent Street to Silver Street, etc. The... more »
  • Bedford Row

    Holborn (WC1) Named from the Dukes of Bedford. A quiet, broad thoroughfare lined by eighteenth... more »
  • Bedford Square

    Bloomsbury (WC1) Lord Chancellor Eldon lived here in 1815, at No. 6. During the Corn... more »
  • Bedford Street

    423, Strand (WC2) Derived its name from John Russell, first Earl of Bedford. (Reference: Jesse's... more »
  • Beech Street

    City, 31, Barbican (EC1) Was probably named from Nicholas de la Beech, Lieutenant of the... more »
  • Belgravia

    (SW1) This name, apparently derived from the Viscounts Belgrave, a title of the Grosvenor family,... more »
  • Belgrave Square

    Westminster (SW1) In 1824 the site of this and Eaton Square and the radiating streets... more »
  • Belvedere Road

    Lambeth. 258, Westminster Bridge Road (SE1) Was anciently called Pedlar's Acre. (Tallis's London Street Views)... more »
  • Bennett Street

    St. James's (SW1) Named from Henry Bennett, Earl of Arlington, who owned the property on... more »
  • Bentinck Street

    Manchester Square (W1) Derives its name from William Bentinck, second Duke of Portland. At No.... more »
  • Berkeley Square

    Piccadilly (W1) Here, at No. 11, Horace Walpole resided until his death in 1797. Here... more »
  • Berkeley Street

    76, Piccadilly (W1) Named after Lord Berkeley of Stratton. Here, at No. 9, lived at... more »
  • Bermondsey

    (SE1) A large parish in Surrey adjoining the borough of Southwark; and named Beormund's Eye,... more »
  • Bermondsey Square

    10, Abbey Street (SE1) Occupies the site of the great courtyard of the famous Bermondsey... more »
  • Berners Street

    114, Oxford Street (W1) So called after the family title of its ground landlord, Baron... more »
  • Bethnal Green

    (E2) Anciently a retired hamlet, comprising, in Queen Elizabeth I's days, a few scattered cottages... more »
  • Betterton Street

    21, Drury Lane (WC2) Named from Betterton the actor. Formerly called Brownlow Street from Sir... more »
  • Bevis Marks

    City, St. Mary Axe (EC3) Formerly Bury's Marks. Here stood the city mansion and gardens... more »
  • Billingsgate

    City (EC3) Said to take its name from having been the gate of Belin, a... more »
  • Billiter Street

    City (EC3) Name said to be corrupted from Beizettar, owner or builder of the houses.... more »
  • Birchin Lane

    City, 35, Cornhill (EC3) Said to have been formerly called Birchener's Lane.... more »
  • Birdcage Walk

    St. James's Park (SW1) Named from the Aviary established there in the reign of James... more »
  • Bishopsgate

    City (EC2) So called from Erkenwald, a Bishop of London in the seventh century. Shakespeare... more »
  • Blackfriars

    Southwark (SE1) Named from an ancient monastery of Black or Dominican Friars. Taking advantage of... more »
  • Blackwall

    Poplar (E14) Said to have been originally Bleakwall, from its exposed situation on the artificial... more »
  • Bleeding Heart Yard

    Hatton Garden (EC1) Named from an old sign of the Pierced Heart of the Virgin.... more »
  • Bloomsbury Square

    Holborn (WC1) Originally called Southampton Square, it derives its present name from the manor and... more »
  • Bloomsbury Street

    62, New Oxford Street (WC2) Formerly Charlotte Street. Theodore Hook was born in a house... more »
  • Blue Boar Court

    City, Friday Street (EC4) Said to be named after an ancient hostelry. In an old... more »
  • Bolsover Street

    Marylebone (W1) Formerly called Norton Street. Here lived Richard Wilson, the landscape painter, and Sir... more »
  • Bolt Court

    151, Fleet Street (EC4) Here, at No. 8, Dr. Johnson lived from 1776 until his... more »
  • Bolton Street

    81, Piccadilly (W1) Built in 1699, this street was then the western limit of London.... more »
  • Borough High Street

    Southwark (SE1) Near the end of this road stood the Queen's Bench Prison, a place... more »
  • Boss Street

    Tooley Street (SE1) So called from a boss, or conduit, erected hereabouts by the executors... more »
  • Botolph Alley and Botolph Lane

    City (EC3) Believed to have been named from the Church of St. Botolph, which, according... more »
  • Bow Street

    Covent Garden (WC2) Said to be so called on account of its bent shape when... more »
  • Boyle Street

    23, Savile Row (W1) Name derived from the family of the Boyles, Earls of Burlington... more »
  • Bread Street

    City, 46, Cheapside (EC4) "So called, of bread in old time there sold. For it... more »
  • Brick Court

    Inner Temple (EC4) At No. 2, in rooms on the second floor, Oliver Goldsmith had... more »
  • Bridewell

    City (EC4) Name derived from a famous well which flowed in the vicinity of St.... more »
  • Broad Street

    Bloomsbury (WC2) One of the most ancient streets in the parish of St. Giles, where... more »
  • Broadway

    Westminster (SW1) Granted as a hay-market by James I and Charles II. In one of... more »
  • Brompton

    (SW1) Brompton signifies Broom Town, carrying suggestions of a wide and heathy common. Brompton Square... more »
  • Brook Green

    Hammersmith (W6) "Which is favoured by the residence of noted artists, was in 1800, and... more »
  • Brook Street

    Hanover Square (W1) So called from a considerable stream which formerly flowed here. No. 57,... more »
  • Brooke Street

    Holborn (EC1) Named after Lord Brooke, the friend of Sir Philip Sidney, whose residence was... more »
  • Brownlow Street

    49, High Holborn (WC1) Derives its name from its having been built upon the site... more »
  • Bruton Street

    152, New Bond Street (W1) Derives its name from Bruton in Somersetshire, formerly the seat... more »
  • Bryanston Square

    (W1) So called from Bryanstone in Dorsetshire, the seat of Lord Portman, the ground-landlord. (Reference:... more »
  • Buckingham Street

    37, Strand (WC2) So called from the Duke of Buckingham, who lived here at York... more »
  • Bucklersbury

    City, 80, Cheapside (EC4) So named from a manor and tenements pertaining to one Buckle,... more »
  • Budge Row

    City, Watling Street (EC4) "Was spelt Begerow in 1376. So called of Budge fur" (lambs'... more »
  • Bulstrode Street

    Manchester Square (W1) Name derived from the family seat of the Dukes of Portland. (Reference:... more »
  • Bunhill Fields

    Finsbury (EC1) Bonhil was erected in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, on a deposit... more »
  • Burlington Gardens

    Old Bond Street (SW1) Named from the Earls of Burlington and Cork. (Reference: Jesse's London,... more »
  • Burnaby Street

    Chelsea (SW10) Named after a brother of Admiral Sir William Burnaby, who lived for some... more »
  • Bury Street

    St. James's (SW1) Properly Berry Street. Named from the ground-landlord, one Berry, a half-pay officer... more »