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Alphabetical list of streets in London

London Online's street index lists streets for most areas of Greater London. The streets are organised alphabetically and spread over a number of pages for each letter as there are 10,000's of streets throughout Greater London.

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A selection of London's most famous streets

The following articles are guides to some of London's most famous streets and areas:

  • Charing Cross Road

    Running from Trafalgar Square to St Giles’ Circus, where it turns into Tottenham Court Road, Charing Cross Road has a reputation for it’s bookshops, specialising in everything from titles on... more »

  • Commercial Street

    Forming part of London’s inner ring road, Commercial Street joins Aldgate and Shoreditch, also acting as a boundary between the affluent City and the poorer East End. The street runs... more »

  • Connaught Square

    Named after the Earl of Connaught, this square lies slightly north of Hyde Park and a stone’s throw from prestigious Mayfair and Oxford Street, as well as being just around... more »

  • Covent Garden

    Covent Garden is one of the top shopping and entertainment areas in London. Filled with exquisite restaurants and big fashion labels, it has become a popular venue for tourists to... more »

  • Downing Street

    Downing Street is a street in Whitehall, the area on the edge of the grounds of Buckingham Palace running north from Parliament Square towards Trafalgar Square, and is home to... more »

  • Fleet Street

    Usually thought of as the home of the British press, Fleet Street actually no longer plays host to the newspaper groups that once made it famous. In recent years all... more »

  • Haymarket

    Situated in the City of Westminster and joining Pall Mall to Piccadilly Circus, Haymarket lies in London’s famous Theatreland and is home to two auspicious theatres: Her Majesty’s Theatre, whose... more »

  • Mall, The

    Perhaps one of the most famous stretches of tarmac in the world, the Mall links Trafalgar square, via Admiralty Arch, to the Queen’s official residence Buckingham Palace. It was created... more »

  • Oxford Street

    In the heart of central London’s busiest shopping district lies Oxford Street, which runs from Marble Arch to St Giles’ Circus, crossing Tottenham Court Road and Charing Cross Road on... more »

  • Piccadilly Circus

    Piccadilly Circus is London’s answer to New York’s Times Square. Ablaze with neon advertisments, noise and traffic, Piccadilly Circus is a popular meeting place for all and sundry. Traffic swirls... more »

  • Portobello Road

    One of London’s best-known and most popular tourist attractions is Portobello market, famed for it’s antiques and second-hand bargains. The road from which it gets it’s name was itself named... more »

  • Regent Street

    Famously part of the green set in Monopoly, along with Oxford Street and Bond Street, Regent Street is a Mecca for shoppers. Home of Hamley’s, which once held the title... more »

  • Russell Square

    Very green, dominated by trees and a fountain as well as being one of London’s largest squares, Russell Square lies in the Bloomsbury area of the city. Named after the... more »

  • Shaftesbury Avenue

    Created to ease the flow of traffic and named originally after the Earl of Shaftesbury, Shaftesbury Avenue is a major thoroughfare in central London connecting Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus. It’s... more »

  • Soho

    In the midst of Piccadilly Circus to the south and Oxford Street to the north, and Regent Street to the west and Charing Cross road to the east, lies Soho... more »

  • Tottenham Court Road

    Running south from Euston Road and intersecting with Charing Cross Road and Oxford Street at St Giles’ Circus, Tottenham Court Road forms part of the edge of the City of... more »

  • Trafalgar Square

    The statue of Admiral Horatio Nelson, who was buried at St Pauls Cathedral, stands high above the traffic at Trafalgar square. Originally created to commemorate Nelson’s famous victory at the... more »

Origins of London's street names

The following articles trace the origins of some of London's most historic streets and areas. As there are too many to list on one page, please choose a letter below to list the streets beginning with that letter.

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