London in 1900


Using original materials and sources from the year 1900, we have put together an extensive collection of articles forming a snapshot of London in 1900. That time was of particular significance for London, as the great city was at the height of its influence as the capital of largest empire in history.

Many people are surprised when they discover that even as far back as 1900, London had considerable infrastructure and technology. Supported by its enormous population of 6.5 million *, the London of 1900 had most of the modern conveniences we have today - electric light and gas heating, an extensive telephone network (with transatlantic line to America), an extensive underground railway network, buses (then known as omnibuses) and taxis, a national postal service and metropolitan police force.

* London's population continued to rise until its all time peak in 1936 when it reached 8.6 million. Subsequently it declined, but towards the end of the century began to rise sharply again. The 2006 estimate is approx 7.5 million.

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