London in 1900 - Places beginning with R

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  • Races

    Races . ascot Races are run in June. Derby and Oaks are run on about... more »

  • Ramsgate

    Ramsgate A seaside watering. place on the South. east coast, and being only about two... more »

  • Ratcliff Highway

    Ratcliff Highway extends from East Smithfield to Shadwell; it is now called St. George Street.... more »

  • Reading

    Reading Berkshire, distance from London 74 miles, from Oxford 37 miles by river. It is... more »

  • Record Office

    Record Office Between Chancery and Fetter Lanes; has a fine new frontage in the former.... more »

  • Red Lion Street

    Red Lion Street Holborn. Leads out of Holborn, and is continued by Lamb's Conduit Street... more »

  • Regalia Or Crown Jewels

    Regalia Or Crown Jewels are kept in the Tower of London. Open to the public.... more »

  • Regent Circus

    Regent Circus Oxford Street. is much more generally called Oxford Circus, to distinguish it from... more »

  • Regents Canal

    Regents Canal commences at Limehouse, runs north to Victoria Park, then turns to the west... more »

  • Regent Street

    Regent Street One of the finest streets in London. It extends from Portland Place, Regent's... more »

  • Richmond

    Richmond Surrey. on the right bank of the Thames; 15 miles distance from London; half.... more »

  • Roman Bath

    Roman Bath This old Roman bath is situated in Strand Lane, in the Strand; the... more »

  • Rosherville Gardens

    Rosherville Gardens A place of amusement at Gravesend, containing a theatre, dancing platform, and restaurant.... more »

  • Rotherhithe

    Rotherhithe A parish on the right bank of the Thames, near Deptford. The Commercial Docks... more »

  • Rothschilds

    Rothschilds The offices of this celebrated financial firm are at New Court, St. Swithin's Lane,... more »

  • Royal Albert Hall

    Royal Albert Hall In Kensington. Close to Hyde Park and Albert Memorial.... more »

  • Royal Exchange (the)

    Royal Exchange (the) The large building close to the Bank of England, facing Cheapside, was... more »

  • Royalty Theatre

    Royalty Theatre Dean Street, Soho Runnimede. Near Staines and Egham. is supposed to be the... more »

  • Rye House

    Rye House the scene of the Rye House Plot, is situated near Broxbourne, and is... more »