London in 1900 - Places beginning with B

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  • Bank of England

    Bank of England (the), Threadneedle Street. No one visiting or travelling through the City of... more »

  • Banks

    Banks Other large London banks are the National Provincial Bank of England; Glyn Mills &... more »

  • Bankers Clearing House

    Bankers Clearing House near the Post Office, Lombard Street, is where the hankers obtain the... more »

  • Barbers Surgeons Court Room

    Barbers Surgeons Court Room Monkwell Street, Cripplegate, is one of the few old City Halls... more »

  • Barclays Brewery

    Barclays Brewery stands on the site of the Globe Theatre at Bankside, Southwark, and is... more »

  • Barking

    Barking Near Woolwich; Barking Creek is on the left (essex) bank. Here are situated the... more »

  • Barnards Inn

    Barnards Inn South side of Holborn, opposite Furnival's Inn; was one of the Inns of... more »

  • Barnes

    Barnes On the right bank of the Thames between Putney and Mortlake. a good place... more »

  • Barnet,

    Barnet, Or High Barnet, about 11 miles from London at Hadley, near, a battle was... more »

  • Battersea Park

    Battersea Park About 200 acres in extent. On the Surrey side of the River Thames... more »

  • Battle Bridge

    Battle Bridge was situated near King's Cross; the name was derived from a battle between... more »

  • Bayswater

    Bayswater A large district containing good houses in the Parish of Paddington; the eastern portion... more »

  • Bazaars

    Bazaars Soho, 406, Oxford Street; Baker Street, 58, Baker Street, and Portman Square. Free.... more »

  • Beckenham

    Beckenham A village in Kent, on the Lcdr and Mid. kent Railway.... more »

  • Bedford Square

    Bedford Square Near Tottenham Court Road. lord Loughborough lived at No. 6, and in the... more »

  • Belgrave Square

    Belgrave Square is situated in the fashionable region of Belgravia; the name Belgrave is derived... more »

  • Belgravia

    Belgravia A very fashionable part of London, situated between Grosvenor Place and Chelsea.... more »

  • Belle Sauvage

    Belle Sauvage Ludgate Hill. an Inn on Ludgate Hill where dramas were played before regular... more »

  • Bentley Priory

    Bentley Priory near Harrow Station. Queen Adelaide died here, December 2, 1849. Now the private... more »

  • Berkeley Square

    Berkeley Square contains many houses of the nobility. Lansdowne House, the town house of the... more »

  • Bermondsey

    Bermondsey adjoins the Borough of Southwark; was the seat of an ancient priory. Now celebrated... more »

  • Bethlehem Hospital

    Bethlehem Hospital popularly called Bedlam, is situated in Lambeth Road, and is a large building... more »

  • Bethnal Green Museum

    Bethnal Green Museum is a branch of the South Kensington Museum. Admission free from 10... more »

  • Big Ben

    Big Ben is the name of the great bell in the Clock Tower of the... more »

  • Billingsgate

    Billingsgate The Great London Fish Market; so called, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth, after Bilin... more »

  • Birdcage Walk

    Birdcage Walk is situated on the south side of St. James's Park. So called on... more »

  • Bishopsgate

    Bishopsgate One of the City gates, called after Erkenwald, Bishop of London. It is now... more »

  • Bisley

    Bisley is now the headquarters for the Volunteers' Rifle Shooting instead of Wimbledon; it is... more »

  • Blackfriars Bridge

    Blackfriars Bridge was built in 1864 to 1869, and cost £320,000. The original Blackfriars Bridge... more »

  • Blackheath

    Blackheath is about 7 miles from Charing Cross Station. This was the headquarters of the... more »

  • Blackwall

    Blackwall The East India Docks are situated here, where the principal sailing ships from London... more »

  • Bleeding Heart Yard

    Bleeding Heart Yard mentioned in Dickens' novel of "little Dorrit," is situated on the south... more »

  • Bloomsbury Square

    Bloomsbury Square near Southampton Street, High Holborn, contains a statue to Charles James Fox. The... more »

  • Bluecoat School

    Bluecoat School or more properly Christ's Hospital, is situated in Newgate Street, and dates from... more »

  • Bond Street

    Bond Street Old And New, runs from Piccadilly to Oxford Street, and is probably the... more »

  • Borough

    Borough (the) . is on the Surrey side of London Bridge. A very busy part... more »

  • Botanic Society

    Botanic Society (royal), Of London. the Gardens of the Society, nearly twenty acres in extent,... more »

  • Bow Bells

    Bow Bells In Bow Church, Cheapside. it is said that all those persons who are... more »

  • Box Hill

    Box Hill Near Dorking. celebrated for its beautiful scenery; about 30 miles from London on... more »

  • Bread Street

    Bread Street Cheapside . on south side. So called from bread being sold here in... more »

  • Brentford

    Brentford An old town about 7 miles from London, on the Middlesex side of the... more »

  • Brentwood

    Brentwood Essex. about 18 miles from London by rail from Liverpool Street.... more »

  • Bricklayers Arms

    Bricklayers Arms Old Kent Road. a celebrated tavern and coach. house, at the corner of... more »

  • Brighton

    Brighton . "london by the Sea" as it is called. A favourite seaside place in... more »

  • Britannia Theatre

    Britannia Theatre Hoxton. a very well constructed theatre in a crowded thoroughfare. Nearest Railway Station,... more »

  • British Museum

    British Museum (the) Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury. a huge building in the classic style of... more »

  • British Museum of Natural History

    British Museum of Natural History The Departments of Zoology, Geology, Mineralogy, and Botany have been... more »

  • Brixton

    Brixton A southern suburb of London, adjoining Clapham, easily reached by bus or rail.... more »

  • Broad Sanctuary

    Broad Sanctuary is where the Westminster Hospital now stands, and is the site of the... more »

  • Broad Street Station,

    Broad Street Station, N. L. and L. & N. W. , joins and is adjacent... more »

  • Bromley

    Bromley In Kent, is pleasantly situated about 12 miles from Charing Cross Station.... more »

  • Brooke Street, Holborn

    Brooke Street, Holborn: In this street the poet Chatterton put an end to his life... more »

  • Broxbourne

    Broxbourne A holiday resort on the Great Eastern Railway. Near here is Rye House, the... more »

  • Buckingham Palace

    Buckingham Palace is at the west end of St. James's Park, and was built in... more »

  • Bun Hill Fields

    Bun Hill Fields A celebrated burial place of the Nonconformists. Open daily from till 4... more »

  • Burlington Arcade

    Burlington Arcade Piccadilly. A double row of fashionable shops like a Parisian passage. Nearest Railway... more »

  • Burlington House

    Burlington House Piccadilly. The home of the Royal Academy of Arts, University of London, and... more »

  • Burnham Beeches

    Burnham Beeches near Slough, purchased by the Corporation of London, are said to be the... more »

  • Bushey Park

    Bushey Park leads from the Teddington Road to Hampton Court Palace, and has a fine... more »