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  • Paddington

    Paddington A residential suburb at the West End of London ; is also noted as... more »

  • Palace Yard

    Palace Yard New Palace Yard is the space in front of Westminster Hall, and a... more »

  • Pall Mall

    Pall Mall Named from a French game of paille. maille having been played here. It... more »

  • Park Lane

    Park Lane A street of fashionable residences, that leads from Piccadilly to the west end... more »

  • Parks

    Parks (public), The Parks And Open Spaces Of London are very extensive. The principal ones... more »

  • Paternoster Row

    Paternoster Row is a narrow street close to St. Paul's Churchyard, so called from being... more »

  • Peabody Buildings

    Peabody Buildings Are large ranges of buildings let at moderate rents to the working classes.... more »

  • Peoples Palace

    Peoples Palace Is situated in Mile End Road Foundation stone was laid in June 1886,... more »

  • Petticoat Lane

    Petticoat Lane Leading from Commercial Street, Whitechapel. Is now called Middlesex Street. it is quite... more »

  • Piccadilly

    Piccadilly A splendid street, leading from Regent's Circus to Hyde Park Corner; it contains not... more »

  • Pool

    Pool The. that part of the Thames that extends from London Bridge to Limehouse.... more »

  • Portman Square

    Portman Square is situated between Oxford Street and Baker Street. Was built about 1800... more »

  • Port Victoria

    Port Victoria is situated at the mouth of the Medway, opposite Queenborough.... more »

  • Poste Restante

    Poste Restante Letters to be called for can be addressed at the General Post Office... more »

  • Post Office

    Post Office (the General), St. Martin's. le. grand. postage was reduced to One penny in... more »

  • Printing House Square

    Printing House Square Is where The Times is printed; it is situated in Queen Victoria... more »

  • Pudding Lane

    Pudding Lane Eastcheap, Lower Thames Street. the Great Fire of London commenced here in 1666... more »

  • Putney

    Putney Is situated on the banks of the Thames, about 4 miles from London. The... more »

  • Pye Corner

    Pye Corner West Smiithfield end of Giltspur Street. the Great Fire of London began in... more »