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  • Tate Gallery

    Tate Gallery Formerly known as National Gallery Of British Art, the Tate Gallery was given... more »

  • Tabard

    Tabard (the) was the name of a celebrated inn in Southwark mentioned by Chaucer in... more »

  • Tallow Chandlers Hall

    Tallow Chandlers Hall belongs to the City Company of that name; it is situated at... more »

  • Taplow Low

    Taplow Low Buckinghamshire, really forms part of Maidenhead, on the Thames.... more »

  • Tattersalls

    Tattersalls The celebrated horse auction yard is now situated at Knightsbridge; it used to be... more »

  • Technical Colleges

    Technical Colleges The central institution of the City of London Institute for Technical Education is... more »

  • Teddington

    Teddington Middlesex. on the left bank of the River Thames, 18 miles by river from... more »

  • Temple

    Temple (the) is situated between Fleet Street and the Thames, part of which was built... more »

  • Temple Bar

    Temple Bar was a gateway that lately stood opposite Child's Bank, between Fleet Street and... more »

  • Temple Church

    Temple Church (the) In the Temple stood the old Knights Templars Church. It is divided... more »

  • Thames

    Thames (the River) commences at Thames Head, near Cirencester, and runs about 200 miles before... more »

  • Thames Ditton

    Thames Ditton In Surrey, on the right bank of the Thames, from London 22 miles... more »

  • Thames Embankment

    Thames Embankment Magnificent public promenades, between Blackfriars Bridge and Chelsea on the north, and Vauxhall... more »

  • Thames Sailing Club

    Thames Sailing Club Surbiton, was started to encourage the sailing of small boats on the... more »

  • Thames Subway

    Thames Subway Leads from Tower Hill to Tooley Street, under the Thames.... more »

  • Thames Tunnel

    Thames Tunnel The work of Brunel, was carried under the River Thames, from Wapping (left... more »

  • Thavies Inn

    Thavies Inn One of the old Inns of Chancery, on the south side of Holborn.... more »

  • Theobalds Road

    Theobalds Road New street leading from Holborn towards East End of London.... more »

  • Threadneedle Street

    Threadneedle Street So called from the three needles in the arms of the Needlemakers' Company,... more »

  • Tilbury Fort

    Tilbury Fort In Essex, opposite Gravesend. in Charles Ii's time it is said that the... more »

  • Tooting

    Tooting A suburb, near Balham, on the London and Brighton Railway, with a large common.... more »

  • Tottenham Court Road

    Tottenham Court Road A handsome, broad street leading from Oxford Street to Euston Road. A... more »

  • Tourists Agencies

    Tourists Agencies The best known are Messrs. Cook & Son. head office, Ludgate Circus also... more »

  • The Tower

    The Tower No other building in England exceeds in historical interest the Tower of London.... more »

  • Tower Bridge

    Tower Bridge This new bridge crosses the Thames just below the Tower of London and... more »

  • Tower Hill

    Tower Hill stands to the north. west of the Tower Of London. many celebrated people... more »

  • Tower Subway

    Tower Subway A curious feat of engineering skill, in the shape of an iron tube... more »

  • Trafalgar Square

    Trafalgar Square with Nelson's Monument at the centre of attraction, is bordered on the north... more »

  • Trinity House

    Trinity House Tower Hill. the Board has control of the Pilotage, Beaconage, etc. , of... more »

  • Twickenham

    Twickenham Middlesex. on the left bank of the River Thames, 17 miles from London by... more »

  • Tyburn Gate

    Tyburn Gate . the real site of this Spot is a matter of dispute. An... more »