London in 1900 - Places beginning with C

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  • Camden Town

    Camden Town is in the Parish of St. Pancras between Somers Town and Kentish Town.... more »

  • Canning Town

    Canning Town A river. side district on Plaistow Level to the east of the Lea... more »

  • Canonbury

    Canonbury a manor in Islington, given in old times to the Priory of St. Bartholomew,... more »

  • Canvey Island

    Canvey Island Essex. on the Thames, about 12 miles below Gravesend, near Thames Haven. There... more »

  • Capel Court

    Capel Court Bartholomew Lane. so called from Sir William Capel, Draper, Lord Mayor of London... more »

  • Cathedral Railway Route

    Cathedral Railway Route (the) from Liverpool to London is so called because, at the same... more »

  • Cavendish Square

    Cavendish Square adjoins Harley Street. contains an equestrian statue to William, Duke of Cumberland, the... more »

  • Chalk Farm

    Chalk Farm near Primrose Hill, South Hampstead. chalk Farm was a white. washed Public. house,... more »

  • Chancery Lane

    Chancery Lane . extends from Fleet Street to Holborn, and is considered the principal legal... more »

  • Charing Cross

    Charing Cross Derives its name from the Cross erected here, then the village of Cherringe,... more »

  • Charterhouse

    Charterhouse in Charterhouse Square, near Aldersgate Street, was originally founded in 1371 the chapel, which... more »

  • Chatham

    Chatham on the east bank of the Medway below Rochester. one of the chief Naval... more »

  • Cheapside

    Cheapside Extends from Newgate Street to the Poultry. the names in the streets leading from... more »

  • Chelsea Hospital

    Chelsea Hospital One of the most interesting sights of London. Was built by Charles Ii.... more »

  • Chertsey

    Chertsey In Surrey. On right bank of Thames from Oxford; about 20 miles from London... more »

  • Cheshunt

    Cheshunt 14 miles from Liverpool Street Station; has a College for the education of young... more »

  • Chelsea

    Chelsea On the left bank of the Thames, three miles from London. here, at 24,... more »

  • Chelsea Embankment

    Chelsea Embankment extends from Chelsea Hospital to Battersea Bridge, about of a mile; was opened... more »

  • Chigwell

    Chigwell 13 miles from Liverpool Street Station; alluded to in some of Charles Dickens's novels,... more »

  • Chingford

    Chingford Adjoining Epping Forest. the Royal Forest Hotel here is much used by visitors to... more »

  • Chislehurst

    Chislehurst In Kent. napoleon Iii. resided here at Camden Place, and, dying on January 9th,... more »

  • Chiswick

    Chiswick 5 miles from London. in Chiswick Churchyard are buried William Hogarth, and Mary, third... more »

  • Christs Hospital

    Christs Hospital Newgate Street. Presentations to this School, which maintains and educates about 1100 children,... more »

  • City of London

    City of London The E. c. District of London practically comprises the City, and is... more »

  • City Companies

    City Companies number about 80, but only about half have halls of their own. They... more »

  • City of London School

    City of London School is situated on the Thames Embankment near Blackfriars Bridge. Established by... more »

  • Clapham Common

    Clapham Common is situated on the Surrey side of the Thames; in extent it is... more »

  • Clare Market

    Clare Market is situated at the Western side of Lincoln's Inn Fields. It is a... more »

  • Clements Inn

    Clements Inn In Strand. Was one of the Inns of Chancery, near St. Clement's Church.... more »

  • Cleopatras Needle

    Cleopatras Needle On the Victoria Embankment. this famous monument of granite from Alexandria originally stood... more »

  • Clerkenwell

    Clerkenwell A parish extending northwards from Holborn. It was originally a village around the Priory... more »

  • Cliffords Inn

    Cliffords Inn One of the old Inns of Chancery, near St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet Street.... more »

  • Coaching Clubs

    Coaching Clubs Many pleasant daily excursions may be made on the well. appointed coaches that... more »

  • Coal Exchange

    Coal Exchange Lower Thames Street, near the Custom House. Opened in 1849.... more »

  • Cockney

    Cockney This is a term commonly applied to those persons who are born within the... more »

  • Colney Hatch

    Colney Hatch 7 miles from London. there is a large Lunatic Asylum here. Station, New... more »

  • Colonial Office

    Colonial Office Whitehall, where the business between Great Britain and her Colonies is conducted.... more »

  • Columbia Market

    Columbia Market Bethnal Green, was erected by the Baroness Burdett. coutts for the benefit of... more »

  • Commissionaires Office

    Commissionaires Office 419a, Strand . Parcels or messages are carried at inexpensive rates.... more »

  • Constitution Hill

    Constitution Hill is situated in the Green Park, along the wall of Buckingham Palace Gardens.... more »

  • Cookham

    Cookham Berkshire, on the right bank of the River Thames, about 53 miles from London... more »

  • Co

    Co Operative Stores. the principal ones in London are: Civil Service Supply Association, 136, Queen... more »

  • Coopers Hill

    Coopers Hill adjoins Egham, Surrey. cooper's Hill College is situated here, and is established for... more »

  • Copenhagen Fields

    Copenhagen Fields Between Camden Town and Islington. the Metropolitan Cattle Market is held here.... more »

  • Cornhill

    Cornhill extends from the Mansion House to Leadenhall Street. Largely occupied by Banks, Financial Companies,... more »

  • Cornwall Reformatory Training Ship

    Cornwall Reformatory Training Ship is anchored in the Thames off Purfleet. The "cornwall" was once... more »

  • County Council of London

    County Council of London Office, Spring Gardens, Sw. held its first meeting March 21st, 1889,... more »

  • Covent Garden Market

    Covent Garden Market Worth paying a visit to see the fruit, flowers, vegetables, etc. ,... more »

  • Covent Garden Theatre

    Covent Garden Theatre One of the largest Theatres in London. Is principally used for Italian... more »

  • Cricket

    Cricket "lords" and the "oval" are the principal Cricket Grounds in London. "lord's" Cricket Ground... more »

  • Cripplegate Ward

    Cripplegate Ward . one of the 26 Wards of London. Named after one of the... more »

  • Criterion Theatre

    Criterion Theatre Regent Circus, Piccadilly. is built entirely underground, but is handsome and commodious. The... more »

  • Croydon

    Croydon A municipal Borough 10 miles from London with a population of over 100,000.... more »

  • Crystal Palace

    Crystal Palace (the), Sydenham. about 7 miles from London. The large building used in Hyde... more »

  • Curzon Street

    Curzon Street is situated in Mayfair, a fashionable quarter, named from a fair being held... more »

  • Custom House

    Custom House Lower Thames Street. nearest Railway Station, Monument (or Mark Lane), Dis. & Met.... more »