London in 1900 - Places beginning with E

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  • Ealing

    Ealing A suburb of London, 6 miles by rail from Paddington.... more »

  • Earls Court Exhibitions

    Earls Court Exhibitions with the Empress Theatre and the Great Wheel. Open every season from... more »

  • Edgware

    Edgware Middlesex. a village about 8 miles from London. Edgware is said to have contained... more »

  • Educational Museum

    Educational Museum At South Kens!ngton contains models of school buildings, scientific apparatus etc C.... more »

  • Eel Pie Island

    Eel Pie Island An island of seven acres, off Twickenham, close to the Orleans Club.... more »

  • Egham

    Egham About 21 miles from Waterloo Station. a small town, celebrated as being near Runnymede,... more »

  • Egyptian Hall

    Egyptian Hall Piccadilly. used principally for Maskelyne & Cook's clever Entertainment Nearest Railway Station St.... more »

  • Electric Railways

    Electric Railways The City & South London Railway passes under the Thames to the Borough,... more »

  • Elephant and Castle

    Elephant and Castle A well. known tavern near Newington Causeway. A halting station for buses,... more »

  • Elstree

    Elstree A village in Hertfordshire, about 10 miles from London. good fishing may be obtained... more »

  • Eltham

    Eltham In Kent, about 8 miles from London. noted for its ancient Royal Palace.... more »

  • Empire Theatre

    Empire Theatre In Leicester Square. Like the Alhambra, which is in the same Square, a... more »

  • Enfield

    Enfield About 11 miles from Liverpool Street Station. Once the site of a Royal Palace;... more »

  • Epping Forest

    Epping Forest Containing about 5,000 acres. Was purchased by the Corporation of London and opened... more »

  • Epsom

    Epsom A small town in Surrey, 18 miles from London. The Derby and Oaks races... more »

  • Erith

    Erith In Kent. On the right bank of the Thames, about 16 miles from London.... more »

  • Esher

    Esher About 13 miles from Waterloo Station. sandown Park races take place near here.... more »

  • Eton

    Eton On the left bank of the Thames; from Oxford about 68 miles, miles from... more »

  • Euston Station

    Euston Station In Euston Road. The terminus of the London and North. western Railway.... more »

  • Evans Supper Rooms

    Evans Supper Rooms were formerly. situated in Covent Garden, in a building now occupied by... more »

  • Exeter Hall

    Exeter Hall Number 372, Strand is the property of the Young Men's Christian Association, and... more »

  • Exhibitions

    Exhibitions There have been many since the celebrated ones in 1851 and 1862, especially at... more »