London in 1900 - Places beginning with W

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  • Wallingford

    Wallingford Berkshire, on right bank of the Thames, 90 miles by water from London, 21... more »

  • Waltham Abbey

    Waltham Abbey By Great Eastern Railway. The Abbey, powder mills, fishing, etc.... more »

  • Walthamstow

    Walthamstow A village a short distance from London, from Liverpool Street Station.... more »

  • Walton, Surrey

    Walton, Surrey On right bank of the Thames, distance by water, 28 miles from London,... more »

  • Walworth

    Walworth A thickly populated suburb of London on Surrey side of Thames.... more »

  • Wandsworth Bridge

    Wandsworth Bridge crosses the Thames about a mile below Putney, and connects Wandsworth with the... more »

  • Wapping

    Wapping On the Thames, opposite Rotherhithe. The birthplace of Arthur Orton, of Tichborne notoriety; its... more »

  • Wardour Street

    Wardour Street Leading out of Oxford Street. Is noted for old curiosity shops.... more »

  • Water Colours

    Water Colours (royal Society Of Painters In): Gallery, 5a, Pall Mall East, Sw. this Society... more »

  • Waterloo Bridge

    Waterloo Bridge one of the finest London bridges, was completed in, 1817 at a cost... more »

  • Watermans Company

    Watermans Company is an old guild dating from the fourteenth century. who for many generations... more »

  • Watling Street

    Watling Street City. forms part of the old Roman road from Dover through London to... more »

  • Wax Chandlers Hall

    Wax Chandlers Hall is situated in Gresham Street West, and belongs to the Wax Chandlers'... more »

  • Waxworks

    Waxworks (madame Tussaud's) . This celebrated exhibition is situated in lime Marylebone Road, near Baker... more »

  • Weavers Company

    Weavers Company is a very old Livery Company of London. Was incorporated by Henry Ii.... more »

  • Welsh Harp

    Welsh Harp Hendon. a popular place of amusement; has lake for boating, skating, fishing, etc.... more »

  • Wesley

    Wesley (john) . the founder of Methodism, was buried in the Wesleyan Chapel in the... more »

  • West India Docks

    West India Docks are situated between Limehouse and Blackwall. on the left bank of the... more »

  • Westminster

    Westminster (the City Of) . will, when the new London Municipal Act comes in fore... more »

  • Westminster Abbey

    Westminster Abbey There are few buildings in England. probably, except the Tower, not one. that... more »

  • Westminster Bridge

    Westminster Bridge A handsome, wide bridge, close to the Houses of Parliament, and leads into... more »

  • Westminster Hall

    Westminster Hall If the Houses of Parliament are a monument of the Victorian period of... more »

  • Westminster School

    Westminster School Dean's Yard, The Sanctuary, Westminster, is another of the large public schools, being... more »

  • Whitefriars

    Whitefriars At the back of the south side of Fleet Street was the site of... more »

  • Whitehall

    Whitehall Opposite Horse Guards. erected by Indigo Jones. The banqueting. room is the only remaining... more »

  • Whitfields Tabernacle

    Whitfields Tabernacle celebrated dissenting place of worship in Tottenham Court Road. Toplady, the author of... more »

  • Whittingtons Almshouses

    Whittingtons Almshouses Are situated on Highgate Hill, near the spot where he is said to... more »

  • Will and Probate Office

    Will and Probate Office is situated at Somerset House, Strand; also Registrar's Office of Births.... more »

  • Wimbledon Common

    Wimbledon Common affords some beautiful walks within easy reach of London. the 'national Rifle Association... more »

  • Windsor Castle

    Windsor Castle The great English palace of our reigning Monarch, is one ,of those places... more »

  • Wood Street

    Wood Street Leading from Cheapside to London Wall, is the headquarters of some of the... more »

  • Woolwich Arsenal

    Woolwich Arsenal Here are made the whole of the Ordnance for the Naval and Military... more »

  • Wormwood Scrubbs

    Wormwood Scrubbs A common near Notting Hill. Has a convict prison erected on part.... more »

  • Wych Street

    Wych Street An old street leading from the Strand to Drury Lane; the Olympic Theatre... more »