London in 1900 - Places beginning with D

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  • Dagenham

    Dagenham In Essex. a village near Rainham, on London, Tilbury, and Southend line.... more »

  • Deans Court

    Deans Court A turning out of St. Paul's Churchyard on the right. hand side of... more »

  • Deans Yard

    Deans Yard Adjoins Westminster Abbey. The Church House is on the South side.... more »

  • Deptford

    Deptford On the south bank of the Thames, opposite Limehouse. once a Government dockyard; now... more »

  • Devonshire House

    Devonshire House In. Piccadilly, the town residence of the Duke of Devonshire. Has a gloomy... more »

  • Docks

    Docks London had extensive dock accommodation. During the 1980s London's docklands underwent a massive redevelopment... more »

  • Doctors Commons

    Doctors Commons Near St. Paul's Churchyard. Was a college for the study and practice of... more »

  • Doggetts Coat and Badge

    Doggetts Coat and Badge Boat race rowed against the stream annually on August 1 by... more »

  • Domesday Book

    Domesday Book or Survey of England, made by William the Conqueror, is preserved in the... more »

  • Dorking

    Dorking A town in Surrey, situated in the midst of lovely scenery, and well worth... more »

  • Doultons Celebrated Pottery

    Doultons Celebrated Pottery Known as "doulton Ware. ". is situated on south bank of the... more »

  • Dowgate

    Dowgate One of the 26 Wards of London; so called from the dock or water.... more »

  • Downing Street

    Downing Street Whitehall. in which are the official residences of the First Lord of the... more »

  • Drapers Hall

    Drapers Hall In Throgmorton Street. belongs to the Drapers' Company. Contains a valuable collection of... more »

  • Drury Lane Theatre

    Drury Lane Theatre Catherine Street, Strand. the oldest and largest Theatre in London, the home... more »

  • Dudley Picture Gallery

    Dudley Picture Gallery Egyptian Hall, Picailly. the pictures of the New English Art Club are... more »

  • Duke of Yorks Column

    Duke of Yorks Column Near Spring Gardens, St. James's Park. . . was erected in... more »

  • Dulwich College and Picture Gallery

    Dulwich College and Picture Gallery The College was founded in 1619, by Edward Alleyn, under... more »

  • Dyers Hall

    Dyers Hall 10, Dowgate Hill. Belongs to the Dyers' Company. this Company has, with the... more »