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  • Farringdon

    Farringdon Within and without, are two of the twenty. six Wards of the City of... more »

  • Finchley

    Finchley Near Hendon. the scene of Hogarth's "march to Finchley," which shows the Guards leaving... more »

  • Finsbury Park

    Finsbury Park Hornsey. was opened in 1869 and cost £95,000; in extent it is about... more »

  • Fire of London

    Fire of London The great fire of 1666 commenced at the house of the "king's... more »

  • Fishing

    Fishing Full information with regard to fishing in the Thames will be found in the... more »

  • Fishmongers Hall

    Fishmongers Hall is situated on the city end of London Bridge. sir William Walworth, who... more »

  • Flaxman Gallery

    Flaxman Gallery University, Gower Street. the Hall under the dome and other apartments are adorned... more »

  • Fleet

    Fleet (the) was once an open stream of water, taking its rise at Hampstead, and... more »

  • Fleet Prison

    Fleet Prison stood on the east side of Farringdon Street; was pulled down in 1846.... more »

  • Fleet Street

    Fleet Street (leads from Ludgate Hill to the Strand) is one of the most well.... more »

  • Foreign Office

    Foreign Office Downing Street, S. w. , part of the large Public Offices. building designed... more »

  • Foundling Hospital

    Foundling Hospital Guilford Street, W. c. One of the most interesting Charities in London, and... more »

  • Freedom of The City of London

    Freedom of The City of London is obtained By servitude. that is, being bound as... more »

  • Freemasons Hall

    Freemasons Hall Great Queen Street. the centre of English Freemasonry, where are the offices of... more »

  • Fulham

    Fulham A suburb of London, on the banks of the Thames, opposite Putney. The old... more »

  • Furnivals Inn

    Furnivals Inn Holborn. formerly an Inn of Chancery, then used as Chambers: now pulled down... more »