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  • Academy of Arts (the Royal)

    Academy of Arts (the Royal) Burlington House, Piccadilly. open from first Monday in May to... more »

  • Academy of Music

    Academy of Music (the Royal), Tenteeden Street, Hanover Square. For teaching all kinds of music... more »

  • Achilles Statue

    Achilles Statue In Hyde Park, was cast from cannon taken in the Peninsular War and... more »

  • Addington

    Addington Three miles from Croydon. For many years residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury.... more »

  • Adelphi

    Adelphi (the) Comprises three or four streets on south side of the Strand.... more »

  • Adelphi Terrace

    Adelphi Terrace Near the Strand, overlooking the Thames. David Garnick, the celebrated actor, died at... more »

  • Admiralty

    Admiralty The Admiralty is in Whitehall, with large extensions lately added in the rear overlooking... more »

  • Agricultural Hall

    Agricultural Hall Near "the Angel," Islington. the Christmas Cattle Show and different Trade Exhibitions, etc.... more »

  • Albany

    Albany (the) Leads from Piccadilly to Burlington Gardens. a collection of queer houses let as... more »

  • Albemarle Street

    Albemarle Street Leading out of Piccadilly. In this street are situated Royal Institution, Royal Thames... more »

  • Albert Suspension Bridge

    Albert Suspension Bridge crosses the Thames from Chelsea Embankment to Battersea Park; was opened in... more »

  • Albert Bridge

    Albert Bridge Windsor Home Park. Crosses the Thames half a mile from Datchet; it connects... more »

  • Albert Embankment

    Albert Embankment Situated on the right bank of the Thames, from a point a little... more »

  • Albert Hall

    Albert Hall Kensington. A large round building close to the Albert Memorial. Used principally for... more »

  • Albert Memorial

    Albert Memorial Hyde Park. close to Albert Hall. Erected to the memory of the late... more »

  • Aldersgate

    Aldersgate One of the 26 wards of London, called from the old City gate which... more »

  • Aldersgate Street

    Aldersgate Street A main entrance to the City; was once famed for old mansions and... more »

  • Aldgate

    Aldgate or Old Gate, was the ancient east gate of the City.... more »

  • Alexandra House

    Alexandra House South Kensington. opened by the Princess of Wales to afford a moderate home... more »

  • Alexandra Palace

    Alexandra Palace Muswell Hill, 6 miles North of London. open in summer for Concerts and... more »

  • Alhambra

    Alhambra Leicester Square. one of the large houses for Ballet and Variety Entertainments. Nearest Railway... more »

  • Ambulance Association

    Ambulance Association Headquarters, St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell. this gate is all that remains of the... more »

  • Ambulance Service

    Ambulance Service (office, Norfolk House, Norfolk Street, W. c. ) provides about fifty ambulance stations... more »

  • Amen Corner

    Amen Corner Avemaria Lane, Paternoster Row. So called from text writers formerly dwelling there.... more »

  • Amwell

    Amwell A village in Hertfordshire. The New River is supplied from a spring that rises... more »

  • Anerley

    Anerley A suburb on the South Eastern line, near Sydenham, 7 1/2 miles from London.... more »

  • Apothecaries Hall

    Apothecaries Hall Water Lane, Blackfriars, is occupied by the Society of Apothecaries of London.... more »

  • Apsley House

    Apsley House At Hyde Park Corner, Is the residence of the Duke of Wellington. The... more »

  • Aquarium

    Aquarium (royal) Westminster. erected in 1876. In addition to the objects of interest peculiar to... more »

  • Art Exhibitions

    Art Exhibitions Principally open during the London Season. Royal Academy, Burlington House, May to July... more »

  • Artillery Company

    Artillery Company The Honourable Artillery Company of the City of London dates from as far... more »

  • Art Training Schools

    Art Training Schools South Kensington. for training of teachers, male and female in the practice... more »

  • Art Union of London

    Art Union of London 112, Strand (near the Savoy). has for many years issued popular... more »

  • Ascot

    Ascot Celebrated for its Races held in the height of the London Season, in June,... more »

  • Athletics

    Athletics The leading club is the London Athletic Club. It has a large number of... more »

  • Avenue Theatre

    Avenue Theatre is situated at the south end of Northumberland Avenue, Charing Cross. Balham. a... more »