London in 1900 - Places beginning with M

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  • Magna Charta Island

    Magna Charta Island A mile and a half from Old Windsor Lock, near the Middlesex... more »

  • Mall

    Mall (the) A walk on the north side of St. James's Park, extending from Constitution... more »

  • Manchester Square

    Manchester Square A popular square on the north side of Oxford Street.... more »

  • Mansion House

    Mansion House The official residence of the Lord Mayor. Is about 150 years old, stud... more »

  • Marble Arch

    Marble Arch At the west end of Oxford Street, nearly opposite Edgware Road; formerly stood... more »

  • Margate

    Margate In Kent, is a very popular seaside resort for Londoners; distance about 75 miles,... more »

  • Mark Lane

    Mark Lane Near Fenchurch Street Station; is celebrated for its Corn Exchange.... more »

  • Marlborough House

    Marlborough House Pall Mall, near St. James's Palace. the London. residence of the Prince and... more »

  • Marlow

    Marlow (great), Buckinghamshire, is situated on left bank of the River Thames, 57 miles by... more »

  • Marylebone

    Marylebone A large parish. The old church in High Street is built on the site... more »

  • Maskelyne and Cooks

    Maskelyne and Cooks popular conjuring entertainments are given at the Egyptian Hall Just opposite Burlington... more »

  • Mayfair

    Mayfair is a most fashionable place of residence, near Piccadilly. A fair used to be... more »

  • Memorial Hall

    Memorial Hall Farringdon Street. stands partly on the site of the old Fleet Prison. It... more »

  • Mercers Hall

    Mercers Hall belongs to the Mercers' Company; is situated between Ironmonger Lane and Old Jewry,... more »

  • Merchant Taylors Hall

    Merchant Taylors Hall In Threadneedle Street, belongs to the Merchant Taylors, a great Conservative City... more »

  • Merchant Taylors Schools

    Merchant Taylors Schools Charterhouse Square. one of the great public schools of London, now educates... more »

  • Merton In Surrey

    Merton In Surrey A village on London and Brighton Line. Lord Nelson resided at Merton... more »

  • Metropolitan Fire Brigade

    Metropolitan Fire Brigade (the) . is under the control of the London County Council, the... more »

  • Metropolitan Railway

    Metropolitan Railway (the) . with the Metropolitan District, form a circle (called the Inner Circle... more »

  • Meuxs Brewery

    Meuxs Brewery One of the most celebrated in London; is situated at the Oxford Street... more »

  • Midland Railway Station,

    Midland Railway Station, St. Pancras Euston Road. this line runs through the Midland Counties to... more »

  • Millwall Docks

    Millwall Docks are situated on the Isle Of Dogs, near the West India Docks; can... more »

  • Mincing Lane

    Mincing Lane City. used largely by wholesale dealers of tea, wine, spices, etc.... more »

  • Minories

    Minories (the). a street between Aldgate and the Tower Of London, used to be occupied... more »

  • Mint Royal

    Mint Royal On Little Tower Hill where the coinage for the United Kingdom is produced.... more »

  • Mitcham

    Mitcham A village in Surrey, noted for its flower farms of roses, and for lavender.... more »

  • Monkey Island

    Monkey Island About half a mile below Bray Lock, on the Thames, and owes its... more »

  • Monument

    Monument Fish Street Hill, close to London Bridge. was erected to commemorate the Great Fire... more »

  • Moore and Burgess Minstrels

    Moore and Burgess Minstrels formerly known as the Christy Minstrels, give a favourite form of... more »

  • Mort Lake

    Mort Lake is situated on the right bank of the River Thames, near Hammersmith. is... more »

  • Mudies Library

    Mudies Library This well. known Circulating Library is situated at the Holborn end of Museum... more »

  • Muswell Hill

    Muswell Hill A suburb about 6 miles from London, now developed into a town of... more »